Last week like woah

  Even though there was less to do this week, I felt like I was still struggling to get things done because I’ve been doing work for finals. But I can’t believe that this course is coming to a close!!… Continue Reading →

My Name is Tribute

In D’Angelo’s perspective… Since I’m named after Donald Angelo Barksdale, the first black player on the ABA/NBA team called the Baltimore Bullets, I decided to do this assignment based off that. Favorite Sports Paraphernalia | Show a picture of your favorite sports team paraphernalia… Continue Reading →

What if…

The Way It Should’ve Been | Do you know a book or movie that you love, but would have been so much better if just one thing had worked out differently? Take your idea and roll with it. 3 stars.… Continue Reading →

Post-it Notes & Grocery Lists

Post-It Notes And Grocery Lists! | Choose a character, then, create Post-It notes in an image editor–multi-colored squares with handwritten-looking-text–that the character or characters in your chosen world would leave for themselves around the house. The Notes can be reminders,… Continue Reading →

Water + Rice

After getting food poisoning less than 24 hours ago, water has quickly become my favorite inanimate object. I’m also just now wanting to eat again, so the rice isn’t half bad either.  …

We google-hungout

Just finished a video discussion on Season 4, Episode 10 of The Wire. It was cool to talk to everyone about a specific episode–can’t believe I’ve waited this long in the semester to do it! We had a few issues… Continue Reading →

Week 13 & 14 Summary

Hard to believe this is our second to last weekly summary!! This semester just kind of… happened. Woah. Daily Creates (4) Disturb the Comforted | Do Something | On a Scale of 1 to… Mashup (8*) Tangled Freeze (4*) | Kirk Watches… Continue Reading →

You gotta protect it.

Create Your Own Magic Cards | Come up with at least 4 cards based on characters or locations from your favorite show, movie, book, or other story. This assignment is done from D’Angelo’s part of view. // Design category, 4… Continue Reading →

Writing | Night Call Poem

Night Call Poem | Done from the perspective of D’Angelo Barksdale.    Writing category, two stars _________________________________________   Peaceful Scrape Many are scared of the dark But I find peace when the sun goes down. The streets call to their nauseating… Continue Reading →

On a scale of 1 to…

Daily Create | I always wanted to find out how these custom error messages are done. Do you know? Make one that could pop up when you forget to daily create. I went to to create my pop up… Continue Reading →