The Last Word

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

This is my last time I will be posting, but it is time to end on bang (or whimper). So much has happened as always and it is time to jump into the thick of it.

The Wire

I am not even going to lie, this …

Tutorial: Swap Shop


– Come up with some crazy idea for an item to sell. The more unrealistic it is, the better.

– Have a good audio recording device. I personally used the one that was built into my laptop.

– If you can, try to get a friend to help …

Tutorial: What’s in Your Gullet?


– Grab three containers of things you drank last.

– Arrange them in a pyramid fashion.

– Provide ample light to clearly make out what drinks they are.

– Take a picture.

– Explain why you like these. Also explain if you were doing anything special while drinking …

New Day Co-Op: Expanding Business

Most folk outside of Baltimore ain’t aware of an organization known as the New Day Co-Op. We organized East Baltimore and brought West Baltimore in with us as well. With Baltimore united and business moving smoothly, we had troubles coming soon, specifically with leadership. “Call it a crisis of leadership.” …

Why It Is Cool!

Basically for this one, I found a nice public domain background and added a special line about DS106. I rather like this one simply because it was simple and rather colorful. It all seemed to really merge together to create a cool background. Another reason I am proud of …

ReWeekly Mashup!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Once again I bring you a bi-weekly on what has been going on, and trust me, a lot has been going on since you last visited (or if you have been visiting, this will be slightly new). Anywho, enough with my introduction rambling! Time to start …

New Day Logo

So, I took a bit of a spin on this assignment. Rather than make it a DS106 assignment, I decided to take it and make it about the New Day Co-Op. I used PowerPoint as my image editor and Gimp as well for the background behind the words.

I …

Big Fan and Cancer

Original Post:

Remix: Cancer Sucks

I really liked how this turned out. Coming up with it just required reusing an old picture and changing the message. As usual, I used PowerPoint to change the message, and I decided to look up a cancer awareness emblem and add it to …

A Logo Between Two Sites

Actual Site: +

This was an easy one to put together. I decided to use Brickshelf, which is a site to post various LEGO creations, and Google. Using PowerPoint I was able to attach the Brickshelf image and recolor the the words to fit the Google color …


For this assignment I decided to find two teams (Heat and Redskins) and combine their logos together. I used PowerPoint to make the logo, and managed to fit them over each other to be like a Redskin comet. In the end, I decided on the team name the Heatskins.…