Daily Create: Ohai Mark

Today’s daily create was to summarize a movie into two panels. I decided to pick one of my favorite movies, The Room. But then I kind of realized that there’s no way to really summarize this movie. It’s such a mess that there’s no plot to even focus on. So …

Lessons Learned

Today’s Daily Create was to summarize a movie in two panels.  Since we’re focusing on HBO’s The Wire this semester, I chose to summarize Season 1 episode 8 “Lessons” in two panels. The epigraph of this episode is “Come at the king, you best not miss.” which is Omar’s quote …

Dude Don’t Touch This

My sister repeatedly always tell me if anything is near her boots or her shoes, “Dude don’t touch this!” She’s always tell me that her boots or her shoes are very valuable to her and I’m like “Really?”

It was a perfect daily create to do when I found it …

Sleepy Work Icon Day

George Allen, Sr. once said, “Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day.” I tried doing that when there was a daily create to do but I got up late. I got up but then I stayed in my bed till I realized …

Nike Shoefie

The usual Nike quote is, “Just do it”. I’m really sorry for posting this late, I’ve been busy with tons of work and a project that took me a couple days to do. Anyways I did this daily create which I wanted to do which was the shoefie and I …

Blank Mess


I figured some blank lines could be a good way to make this not blank anymore.

Hope you enjoyed!…


Today’s daily create we left blank intentionally, which reminded me of some quotes.

“It was not the feeling of completeness I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty.”
? Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated