Glekas is All Business

Final Project

Going through the never-ending bank of DS106 assignments, I came across the assignment Post-It Notes and Grocery Lists (3.5 stars). Since George Glekas is a serious businessman, he always needs to stay organized! I wanted to display the post-it notes in a virtual fashion on George’s desktop computer. …


The second assignment I did this week was “Wanted Poster” (2.5 stars). I made this one kind of as a funny thing. I played it like Rawls found the wanted poster somewhere around the office and was super mad about it–because obviously he wants people to think he …

Wanted: A Tutorial

So you want to make a Wanted Poster.  There are a few online sites that can help you out: Mobile Fish Glass Giant Tuxpi Image Chef  Here are a few tips and tricks you need to know: You need to keep the file size down and a good way to …

Storytelling Collage

I decided to make my collage about Frank’s weekend on the soccer field! His team did so well, they won the whole tournament!

First, I found a bunch of photos of soccer players online. I took the team photo and photo shopped Frank’s face on the coach on the right.…

Storytelling Collage Tutorial

I just completed this assignment so I thought it’d be suiting for me to make a tutorial! It’s not that difficult to figure out, but I enjoyed making it.

First, bring up the website

Next, click on ‘Add Photos’ to add the photos you want to use.

You can …

Tutorial: What’s in Your Gullet?


– Grab three containers of things you drank last.

– Arrange them in a pyramid fashion.

– Provide ample light to clearly make out what drinks they are.

– Take a picture.

– Explain why you like these. Also explain if you were doing anything special while drinking …

Beadie’s To-do List

Hi! So for one of the final assignments I decided to make a To-do list for Beatrice! This was worth 3 stars. I had  a lot of fun with this! It was really cool to actually sit down and think about what Beatrice might need to do during the week. …

Sticky Notes

Well i have to give Frank credit for this assignment because he let me borrow his computer.

To do this assignment, I used the Sticky Notes app on my computer. I then pulled up a picture of Ziggy to use as the background on Frank’s computer. Next, I used …