2011: The Year of Friends With Benefits Movies

I did the Design Assignment Truthful Movie Poster, which is worth 3 stars. In order to make this poster I took the Friends With Benefits poster and cut it out on top of a still from No Strings Attached using Pixlr. I used the magic wand tool to eliminate the background of the Friends With Benefits poster and then simply moved Justin and Mila onto the still with Natalie and Ashton. Next, I covered up the “Friends with Benefits” with the rectangle tool. Then, on a new transparent layer, I wrote out my text, rasterized it, and rotated it. Lastly, I moved the text over to my movie poster and added it onto the black rectangle, where the original movie title had been.

A little background of these two movies…in 2011, two movies came out dealing with the idea of “friends with benefits.” No Strings Attached came out first in January, and then Friends With Benefits came out in July. I remember seeing the trailer for Friends With Benefits  and thinking, “wait, didn’t they already do this.” However, in my opinion, (and according to IMDb)  Friends With Benefits is slightly better than No Strings Attached. Neither one of them are super amazing since they are the typical feel good, funny, romantic comedies, but nonetheless, Friends With Benefits is the better of the two.

1. Friends With Benefits: www.impawards.com/2011/friends_with_benefits_xlg.html
2. No Strings Attached: moviecitynews.com/tag/no-strings-attached/