Aladdin Soundtrack Mashup

Hiya! This assignment, Movie as Radio (3 1/2 stars), was a lot of fun! We were supposed to take a soundtrack to a movie and combine all of the tracks to create a 10 minute or less. I thought this assignment would be so fun if I did a Disney movie. I grew up as a Disney kid and I knew that I could do my favorite movie. So I decided to mashup the Aladdin soundtrack. I love this movie, and I thought it would be perfect.  There is a good mix of vocals and instrumentals to the soundtrack.

So what I did to mash all of the tracks together: I couldn’t download all of the tracks and put them all into the same track, it would just have been way too long, like over an hour. So I picked a few of the instrumentals and I tried to get most of the vocal songs. I found YouTube videos for each track and I converted them into mp3 tracks using an online service called Video2mp3. Once I had all of the tracks downloaded and ready to go I added each one into audacity. After I selected which part of the track I wanted to use I went on the the next track. Finally I compiled all of those sections to the beginning track. This part was tough. I didn’t want to have such a harsh transition from one track to the other, where one track would cut to the next. After all of the tracks where in the place I wanted them to be I went through each section and added a fade in to the beginning and a fade out at the end, this way when the transition happened between each track it wasn’t so abrupt.

I really enjoyed this assignment! I think it worked out well and I was able to learn more about the different effects you can add to your track in audacity. It was a way for me to visualize the movie with just the audio portion. Now I really want to watch all of the old Disney classics again!