All Me In The Scene… Season 2 Ep 4 Nick & Frank

In this audio assignment, I am to reenact a scene in which I play all the characters parts. (3 stars)  I wanted to use an episode from The Wire, so I decided that I would use the episode in which Frank and Nick have a discussion overlooking the port.  This scene is from Season 2 episode 4 called “Hard Cases”.

In order to play the parts of this scene, I had to head out onto the internet to find a website that gives the scripts of so that you can have lines to read.  I found this website that gives you all the parts of the scenes.  Here is the link.  I linked the website directly to the script that I used for my dramatic reading.

Once a had lines to read, I recorded my reading directly into Soundcloud.  Here is my reading of the scene between Frank and Nick Sabotka.  I hope you enjoy..