Annnnnddddd Cut – Great Job Guys

Well this is it. I think I have completed everything and now just need to wrap it all up.


Daily Create

Here is the one I completed today. One of my favorite inanimate objects.


Created Assignments:

1. Special Person Montage – this was the first assignment I made and it came at a time when my grandpa passed away. It ended up being a big hit during ds106 this semeter. Five other people created it and it was only up since the beginning of November

2. Promotional Flyer – I created this one for Wagstaff Snack Company’s big announcement of offering vending machines.

Vending Machines Now AVAILABLE!


1. Splash The Color Tutorial

final 2

2. Barcode Transformation Tutorial



Daily Creates:

I am not sure how to show the daily creates I submitted but I’ll just say what they were

1. Take A Picture of something you’re thankful for. Since it is the Holiday season I thought it would be nice to see what some people are thankful for.

2. Alarm Clocks Sucks – choose a sound or song that you wish you would have woken up to this morning instead of your alarm clock.


Weekly Assignments:

1. Promotional Flyer (2 Stars)

Vending Machines Now AVAILABLE!

2.  Where’s The Error (3.5 Stars)

Can You Spot The Difference?

3.  Splash The Color (3 Stars)

Fruit Roll-Up Friday!