Arcade Fire & Talking Heads Assignment 1

For my first video assignment, i decided to start off confident and do the “Musicless Music Video”. This was a little difficult for me. No music in a music video? Come on! That’s torture. So, let me show you exactly how i created my masterpiece.

Video: My first step was to choose a music video. Wow, this was hard. Should i go with something safe and from this century? Sure, i could. Could i go retro and pick a cool music video because let’s face it, old music videos are freaking weird. Yes. I could. Which i did! One of my favorite older bands are the Talking Heads. They’re just perfect. Choosing my favorite song by them was difficult but good thing i didn’t have to. All i needed was my favorite video by them! I went with the classic “Naive Melody”.  The video is very interesting so i figured i’d mess around with that.

Taking Out The Music: Like i said, this was torture. Why would i deprive the world of this great song! It’s insane. What i decided to do was take out the song and replace it with something else. I just didn’t like the idea of adding sound effects other than the song itself to the video. It wouldn’t have come out right with this video. I could have switched videos and picked something i could have worked with better but… that’s not me. I HAVE to use this video. I don’t think i’ve ever mentioned the Talking Heads in DS106 and i’m making a point to now! I remember a while ago i heard a cover of this song that was fantastic. Well, as i thought harder and longer, i remembered that the cover was done by Arcade Fire. Now there was no going back. I needed this video and this song. Arcade Fire and Talking Heads have a pretty close relationship. David Byrne (lead singer) went on stage with Arcade Fire once. Now, their cover of Naive Melody is kind of old and if you’re not a fan of Arcade Fire, you won’t like it. Oh, well. I love it! What i decided to do was take out the original song and add in this cover to the video. I was really excited but this is just too perfect (the idea). Now that you’ve read my background, let me show you how i completed this!


1. I went on youtube and looked for a good version of the Naive Melody music video. Considering this video is really old, that was hard. I stumbled on this video which seemed decent, compared to the other versions of course. Once i picked this video, i opened up Imovie because i have a macbook. What i had to do here was a little difficult. I’ve never made videos like this before so i had to search around for tips. I realized that you could use the Quicktime Player to record your screen. I decided to do that and record the video as i played it. This was pretty easy but also kind of difficult because i had to choose the right time to record. Finally, i saved this recording to my “Movies” file on my laptop. The next step was to open this in Imovie.

2. Imovie. After saving the recording of the music video, i opened it up in Imovie. I had to make sure it uploaded properly and such. I edited out some frames because my cursor was in the shot from pressing and play and minimizing the screen. After i made sure it uploaded properly and made the frames good, i wanted to add the beautiful music to the video.

3. Adding music. I was grateful to have Imovie work so conveniently for me. I clicked on the sounds section and found out that you could upload music straight from itunes. Perfect! I went to youtube to find the cover (which was performed live) and converted it to an MP3 through this sketchy website. I then made sure i had the whole video highlighted so the song would cover the whole video. This worked out pretty well. The music matched up to the time of the video and all was well. I’m almost done!

3. Finalizing everything was my last step. I had the music ready and the video set. So i literally clicked on finalize my project and it saved it. Imovie allowed me the option to upload directly to youtube so i did that. It was really a breeze. My biggest fear was having an upload error but so far so good! Below i’ll post the original of everything and then my video. Enjoy!

Original Video:

Original Cover Video:


STARS: 3.5