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The Wire

This week I finished up Season 4. I was both happy and sad with the end of season 4. While Namond’s story got better, Randy, Michael, and Duquense’s stories both got worse. Mayor Carcetti also turned into a “real” politician by choosing himself over the children in his city. I liked how Omar stayed true to himself throughout all of the seasons, but then, surprisingly, I was sad to see Bodie get murdered. I think it’s because as an audience we had seen Bodie grow up and kind of mature and towards the end, there was even some hope instilled in us that he might leave the game. I was also surprisingly proud of McNulty. He also changed and grew throughout the various seasons, and I like the the dynamic he creates with Bodie since they are both characters from the first season that really saw how everything played out. Overall, The Wire has been a very depressing, intriguing, and somewhat addicting show. What started as a somewhat forced watching of the show turned into a genuine curiosity for what was going to happen to the various characters. Out of the four seasons, I think season 1 was my least favorite since it took a few episodes to really get the plot moving. Season 4 was probably my favorite, even though i think it was the most sad because the although the kids’ lives are awful, it’s fascinating to see how and when this drug culture develops. The Wire was much better than I expected and it’s not only because it had great visuals and audio and writing but also because it reflected issues we see today. Although it’s not entirely current since now everyone has smartphones, but the overarching issues are still prevalent in today’s societies.