Captain Kirk Watches… changed into New Assignment: The Star Trek Crew Watches….

I took the original assignment “mashup assignment 1241″ titled “Captain Kirk Watches” and changed it into a more fitting assignment for me…  “The Star Trek Crew Watches” for the same star count.  Four Stars.  In this movie, we witness the crew of the Enterprise, just riding through space picking up strange transmissions and then they pick up HBO’s Series The Wire.  The Episode is playing in which Stringer Bell is being executed “The Wire” way.  We see in this video the reactions of each of the crew.  I have to say that my personal favorite is Spock’s reaction.  Spock would never kill anyone like Omar or Brother Mouzone.  This is a funny mashup of blending Star Trek and The Wire together…  Hope you enjoy

This video was created using Windows Live Movie Maker.  In order to blend the movie, I first had to seek out the scenes that I wished to include on Youtube.  I found the scene in which Stringer Bell is executed and then i found the scene in which Captain Kirk and the crew are reacting to Miley Cirus.  I downloaded both videos using the website  This website will allow you to take any video from Youtube and download it to your computer.  I downloaded both videos in standard definition (it asks which definition you would like to use)  I selected that I wanted the format mp4 and saved the downloaded video on my computer.  mp4s are the format that Windows Live movie maker uses.

Once the videos are saved on my computer, I uploaded both of the movies into Windows Live.  While watching each video, I clicked pause and inserted clip breaks in sections in which I wanted to insert either a scene from The Wire or Star Trek.  Any sections that I did not want, I clicked on that section and removed it.  Some of the Star Trek scenes I had to mute the sounds on.  In the Miley Cirus video her music takes over so I didn’t want that to be in this video.  I arranged the scenes by dragging them in a certain order that I wanted them to be in.  At the end, I added another downloaded video from Youtube in which Kirk is having a breakdown with Spock.

I hope you enjoy it.  I laughed every time I watched it!