Carcetti Hates Calling for Money

That Bleep Censor (5 stars) was actually a lot of fun to make! I was watching Season 4 Episode 1 in preparation for my Video Essay, and I thought this scene was another great one to bleep out! The best one would be where Bunk and McNulty we recreating the murder scene in season 1. Amy did a great job bleeping out that scene! So when I watched the scene for the first time I knew that this would be a good scene to bleep out.

I had the episode downloaded from MediaCore and imported it into iMovie. Then I went through the episode to find the specific scene I wanted. In the photo below the scene is where the Green line is. Now granted this whole scene in particular isn’t the greatest, but it works fine. So I had the part that I wanted in the storyboard (where most of the editing takes place). This is mainly where I added the bleep sound to each word. I went through the whole scene and isolated the bad words. I did this by splitting the clip just after the first syllable of the word. Then I split the clip again after the last syllable of that same word. I used the left and right arrows to really hone in on the sound of the word. Then I got the bleep sound from YouTube with my trusty ClipConverter. I used that to cut out the words. Where I split the clip, I placed the sound (where the green is on the storyboard). Then I lowered the volume in each isolated clip with the bad words in them. Now it was mainly finished! all I had to do was share the file itself and upload it to YouTube. iMovie already incorporated  an automatic share to YouTube but I prefer to export the file and upload it from there because I’m already logged into YouTube in my internet Browser.

I really enjoyed making this! I thought it was really cool that I could isolate a specific word itself and bleep it out. It was really cool to use it just to isolate a specific part to the word. Here is the final project!