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This is a tutorial for the Design Assignment 1445, “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”

The requirements of the assignment are listed below:

Imagine your favorite company whether it be food, clothing, or any other company. Now imagine their enemy or competitor in the business. Your goal for this assignment is to take your favorite company’s trademark image or logo and reinterpret it in a way that reflects the design of its enemy. Look for the elements that make the competitor’s logo what it is. What is the color scheme? Is there any metaphors or hidden meanings? What is the form of the logo? How can you use its balance, proportion, or rhythm? The important thing is to still have the original company’s message and essence within the new design, but masked by the competitor’s look.

The companies that are used in this example are Newport and Marlboro.  My character, Omar, smokes Newports.  We are going to design a Newport cigarette box that looks like Marlboro.  When looking at the colors that menthol cigarettes use, they always use green colors since menthols are a “minty” flavor.

The first part of this assignment is to collect pictures of the images that you will be using.  I like to look in google images for whatever image I am looking for.


Once you find the image, you can save it to your computer as shown below.


DSCF0128 Name the image.  Remember also where it is being saved.

Below are the two images I saved:

Marlboro newport-box

These are the images that I will merge together.  In order to merge the image, I use the website


Click Start to begin.

DSCF0130  Click on Edit to begin our project.


Since we have our images saved on the computer we will click Computer to load images from our computer directly into Pizap.  The image that is inserted here is the main image that will be used.  In this project, we will insert the Marlboro image first since it is the image that we want to have majority of the final image.


Our next step will be to click on the “cut out tool” shown above.  Once you click on the cut out tool, it will ask you for the image that you would like to cut from.  See below:  Since our other is saved to the computer also, we will select Computer.  In the example on this page, you see the green on the face and then the next picture shows just the face.  All images painted with the cut out tool will be extracted and placed on the main image already added. (the Marlboro image)


When the image opens, we will paint the parts that we want to use.  I used the Newport name, the symbol, and the “menthol” description.  See below:


All areas that you paint green, will be added to the main image as shown below. (Note:  if there are any corrections to the “green” area, you can choose erase and paint the red over the green mistakes.  If there needs to be more green areas to add, just click back on paint and the green will return)


Sometimes the image may have a different color, you can click on the “Advanced” button at the top right to adjust the brightness or color.


You can also adjust the size of the image by clicking and dragging out or in the direction of the small circle box that is formed around the image.  I recommend that for multiple cut outs that you do each one separate.  This makes it easier to make each inserted image match.

Once the image is completed, you click “Download” to save it to your computer.



Now your image should be saved to your computer.  You can upload the image to flickr directly from your computer.  Log into your flickr account.  Click upload to add your image.  When the screen below appears, click “Choose photos and videos” to choose the image from your computer.



Once you upload the image, click on the picture to edit it.  You will need to add a “tag” so that it will be linked to the assignment.  Especially if you ever use pizap for a daily create.  See the image below.  The “tags” below are the tags needed for this assignment.


Once the tags have been added.  Your image will be ready for your use on flickr.  You can link the image directly to your blog by inserting the flickr image into your blog.

I hope this will be helpful.