Emperor’s New Groove in 5 Seconds

For the 5 Second Film assignment worth 4.5 stars, I chose to condense the Emperor’s New Groove in 5 seconds. Originally I thought this assignment was going to be really easy, but then I discovered just how fast 5 seconds go by. Another issue I ran into was that all of the best parts of the movie don’t really make the plot understandable when they are isolated, so what I ended up doing was just trying to convey the basic plot within the 5 seconds. The entire movie wasn’t available on Youtube, but I found the areas of the movie I needed to download. I used Video DownloadHelper on Firefox to download the video clips from Youtube. Then, I imported my clips in iMovie and trimmed them down significantly that when when they were altogether they only added up to 5 seconds long. After that I added in my title and credit sequences. Lastly, I found an instrumental version of the opening song for the Emperor’s New Groove and downloaded that from youtube as well. I trimmed the music down and had it fade down during the 5 second movie sequence. Then I simply “Shared” it as a file and then uploaded it to Youtube!

Video elements:

1. Emperors new groove by Gazoo Junior

2. The Emperor’s New Groove – Stuck in the Ravine by The Mouse Castle

3. The Emperor’s New Groove- Run for the potion by Musings of an archaeologist

4. THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE – Perfect World (with Reprise) by Arthur Leitgeb

5. Perfect World Karaoke [Without Vocals] by GirGrunny