English Diversity

The first daily create i did this week was the “What’s Your Flag?” create. Flags are important symbols of a country. It’s not like the people were like “i really like blue and white.. so let’s go with that and some stars.” They really had to think about what it mean. I’m a big advocate for cultural diversity, whatever that means. I embrace my hispanic side with great pride and i also love other cultures as well. So, as you can guess, my flag would include various flags! I chose the American flag and the Bolivian flag as the top half of my flag. Since i’m Bolivian, why not? I love me some Bolivian food. And of course, the American flag. It’s kinda important to me too, yeah? The bottom flag is a mystery to not only you but me as well! England is my favorite place. It’s like Paris to me, except i have no desire to go to Paris. As i was coloring in the red of the bolivian flag, i broke the pencil. That’s why the bottom portion of my flag is pink rather than red. Sorry! But there you have it! MY FLAG!

Tdc 1038