Holiday Themed “Guess This Book”

My next video assignment was super fun to make. Yeah, SUPER fun. I decided to spend my Saturday afternoon in the lovely Downtown Fredericksburg at The Griffin Bookshop and Coffee place. Not sure if that’s the full name but that’s what i call it! I realized i was behind on some of my assignments so i did the “Guess This Book” vine video assignment. It seemed easy enough because i was at a book store. Everything around the store seemed to be really Holiday themed so i wanted to pick a holiday book. Now, it’s not something you’ve read in a while (unless it’s a family tradition) but it’s something you loved in elementary school! At least i did. It’s also been made into many plays. I went to go see it in middle school and i actually fell asleep watching it. Now, that’s not to say it was a bad play. I was just really tired. It was too early to be sitting in a dark theatre. Point being, as you can tell, there was a long thought process when choosing this book. Now, the hints i’m using aren’t necessarily the BEST, so i added in some easy ones towards the end. Then i did a small snip it of the author himself. Yeah, it’s a guy. That narrows it down pretty well! I had the help of my lovely friend Danielle. She drew the creature and did the noise following the creature. So in the comments, tell me what you think this book is! Have fun and think HARD.