@IamTalkyTina Headswap Tutorial

The Mashup assignment for @Iam TalkyTina Headswap can be executed in several ways. The one which can be used through ease is with the use of the link FaceinHole.

After downloading a picture of the TalkyTina image that you prefer and the character that you will place her head on go to this link. Choose create your own scenario for a figure or character that you will be placing TalkyTina’s head upon, upload it here. For this tutorial I browsed the scenarios and chose this. Next you can upload the TalkyTina image of your choosing. For this tutorial I used the image search option powered by Google. Afterwards, I cropped her head to fit the hole which was saved in FaceinHole. I embedded the link in my blog post to acquire the creation below.

Create your own picture