In the Unlikely Event…

Survival Video

When I saw this assignment in the bank, my mind immediately began to think of a bunch of “highly unlikely moments.” Thankfully, I still had my computer up, and I’m now making use of a vimeo account (which apparently needs roughly about 40 minutes to compress a video). I rather enjoyed this one.

So the idea of an inanimate object attack came to mind when I thought of previous shows/movies. The two that came to mind was the movie Small Soldiers and the episode of Futurama where the robots rebelled. While there are a ton of things you could do, I thought about this, specifically if you were on campus (otherwise I would have mentioned use of more actual dangerous tools, rather than what I mentioned).

Anyways, this was all done for the sake of goofing around, so I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think!