The Great Barksdale by Maggie Stough

One of Maggie’s many commercial for our radio show about product placement was a commercial for The Great Gatsby. In the show The Wire one of the main characters in season 1 and 2 talks discusses the book The Great Gatsby with the book group while in prison.  What Maggie did that inspired me so much with this audio track is that she combined The Wire characters’  dialogues with the voiceover narration by  from the recent The Great Gatsby movie trailer. What’s great is that Maggie found the clips from The Wire where the characters are discussing the plot of Great Gatsby as well as some of the symbolism within the story and meshed them with the trailer narration in order to enhance the actual movie trailer. Another part of the track I really liked is the beginning audio clip with “coming soon to DVD and video” that used to be on every single movie you’d watch before videos were phased out. Overall, Maggie did a great job editing and creating this commercial and it inspired me to make better audio tracks.