It’s Vacation Time! Video Assignment 1036

This assignment is the video assignment 1036 for 2 stars.

I chose to make a video of our 2013 vacation to the Outer Banks, NC.  I fell in love with the Outer Banks.  I loved it so much that I had to make a video of our vacation.  I felt that the Zac Brown Group’s song “Toes” was fitting music for our trip.

When making a video, it’s important to pick a good song to keep your audience’s attention.  I love to use the website to change a video into a music file. I used video2mp3 to get the music for this video.  I pulled the music from Youtube in the actual video for the Zac Brown Band’s song “Toes” and downloaded it as a mp3 so that I could use it as music for my video.   I then used Microsoft Live Movie Maker to pull all of my vacation pictures and one video from our vacation. I arranged the order of the pictures by just selecting and pulling them to the location that I wanted and added a few captions to explain what we were doing.  A few pictures did require me to select the picture and rotate it’s direction. (Some pictures came over in various directions.)   I opened with the video and then faded into the song and the pictures.  I added enough pictures to use the entire song.

This is an excellent way to show off a vacation!