Late Night Discussions of Season 4: Episode 13 “Final Grades”

During this evening we had a video discussion on Season 4 Episode 13 with John Meadows, Carmela Mitchell, Jeremy Hillard, David Mercer, and myself Jonathan Brazelton.

Character Development

I thought that the group made a lot of good points regarding the character development in regards to the younger group of characters on The Wire such as Randy, Micheal, Dukie, and Namond.

One of our group members discussed how  Dukie appeared to be taking on the role of the new

“Bubbles” as he receded deeper into the drug world, this becomes evident during the scene where Prez observes Dukie buying some drugs on the corner.

Also as Jeremy pointed out- the character of Michael  changed a lot as well evolving from a normal middle school young man to a cold hearted killer who is now employed by Marlo’s crew under the tutelage of Chris Partlow’s character.

It was interesting to see how the different story lines diverged.  The group did a good job of addressing this.

Emotions Run High

To say the least, this episode was filled with lots of emotion.  You see Bubbles hitting rock bottom after he kills his friend with the cyanide pill by accident and turns himself into the police for it.  Eventually at the police station he tries to hang himself with his own belt.


photo 3

Carmela did a good job of pointing out how Bubbles character is usually up-beat and bubbly however in this particular episode you really see just how vulnerable and empathetic Bubbles is to other people and the guilt and shame he feels for what happens to his friend.


Death of Bodie

Lastly all the group members did a really good job emphasizing on the death of Bodie.  The group made a good connection in respect to how Bodie was the last man standing of the “old Barksdale,” organization.  His death in this essence symbolized the end of an old crew and introduction of a new era and  rise of a new leader –Marlo.   As David pointed out…it was almost like Bodie had to die to make way for this new era. A lot of good connections were made here.

Another good observation made by John Meadows about Bodie was that he pointed out from earlier episodes that he hated Bodie after he killed Wallace but in this episode you sort of feel sorry for Bodie being kilt.   I shared this same sentiment in that we watched Bodie come up under Stringer Bell from Season 1 and he sort of dies defending his corner, (the last shred of what is left of the Barksdale organization.  It’s a pretty epic death with lots of significance!


photo 1

To The Group

Big shout out to John who sent out the Google invites and organized the video meeting.   Thanks for a good discussion guys.   It was late when we met and I know we all were tired but we got it done!