Mad Dash Summary Week 13 and 14

These last two weeks have spun by with fury intact! Many things have happened this week, much can be attributed to the work required in DS106 but the holidays definitely account for the tight restraints. It was a worldwide classic circus balancing act.


I focused on the 8 stars required for Mashups and Remixes first. The first I chose from the Remix card “Pretty in Pink”. I mashed scenes from The Wire with scenes from a movie I go to when I need a laugh Friday after Next. I thought of the character Pinky when I saw this remix and that movie instantly popped into my head. The edited clip can be seen at “Marlo Remixed in Pink”.

Next I chose “A Changing Character” for 4.5 stars. I created a montage of movie clips from the life of Drew Barrymore. With the help of IMDB I was able to pick from a vast selection of works by Drew. The selections are from different periods in her life as a actress. They were uploaded from YouTube to Movie Maker. With the implementation of some transition slides I created this final cut:

For the next 2 stars of the Mashup and Remix assignment I chose “The Contest Nobody Could Win”. I chose six clips from my favorite movies, downloaded them from YouTube, imported them into Movie Maker where I trimmed and merged the clips, and uploaded them to my YouTube channel seen here. The title of the post is a hint to the movie titles that I chose they are:

1. Tombstone
2. Color Purple
3. Stoning of Soraya M
4. Troy
5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
6. Friday

My last Mashup and Remix assignment chosen was “10 Second Song Mashup”. I chose 2 second clips from five of my favorite songs by Tupac Shakur. I merged these together in Audacity and created this soundtrack:

Final Project

For the 6 stars I needed for my Wire character, Cutty, I chose “Celebrity Life” reflecting Cutty as Ali and “Focus on One Color”. These assignments were posted in Cutty’s Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook feeds. They are also posted under the final project link.

Daily Creates

For weeks 13 and 14 I did a total of 4 TDC’s. I did “Be Creative with Leafs”, “Caption an Unsplash Photo”, “Tell us your Day in Icons”, and “What’s the Thinker’s Plan”.