Mickey Mouse Forsale

The “Barcode Transformation” design assignment took me a little longer than I expected but yet again that was because I am too stubborn to google how to do something. Instead I just click all the different buttons until I figure out a way to complete the assignment. Basically for this assignment you were to take a random barcode and turn it into something interesting.

My Process:

  1. I Googled “random barcode” and selected one. I also Googled silhouettes to determine the picture I wanted to create.

barcode           mickey silhouette

  1. Using the magnetic lasso I traced Mickey’s head.

step 1

  1. Once it was completely lassoed I right clicked in the area and chose “Layer via cut.” Then deleted the background lay and dragged the cut out Mickey Mouse head onto the barcode picture.

step 2


  1. I lassoed Mickey’s head again but this time I right clicked and selected “Select Inverse” This selected everything around Mickey’s head. I chose to “layer via cut” which you can see in the bottom right of my screen shot. I then just hid the 2 layers I didn’t want. Leaving just the barcode as Mickey’s head.

step 4

  1. Finally, I created a duplicate layer of the barcode which allowed me to create a black background around the image. There is probably an easier way to do it but I just used the pencil to create it .

step 5


And here is my final image.

mickey silhouette copy



It was listed as 2 stars but I think it should be a little higher so I voted it to 3 and now is at 2.5 stars which I think is more fair. It definitely takes some patience to do. Maybe there is an easier way that I could have done it but my way worked as well.