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Group Work

This week our group set up a Google Doc where we have our idea written down for our radio show, and where we have the division of duties for this past week. Since our radio show is backwards, in that the show is the product commercials and the breaks are when music is played, I was in charge of finding some songs for the musical breaks. I found this site called TuneFind that has the songs featured in tv shows and movies. They the various songs used in different episodes of The Wire, so I think we are going to pull our song choices from there. I also signed up to be in charge of the Kodak and Dunkin’ Donuts commercials for the radio show. Maggie created an assignment where you make a product ad for a radio show, so I am definitely going to do that assignment next week for the radio show and to count towards my stars.

Promo Ad

Wire Buyers Promo


Total: 10.5 stars

1. Movie as RadioAnd They Lived Happily Ever Aca-After = 3 stars

2. Spooky Sounds: Halloween is This Month!! = 3 stars (I created this assignment)

3. Sound Scapes: ITCC Sounds = 4.5 stars

Daily Creates

1. TDC 1004, 10/8/14 Evil Guinea Pigs: Guinicula Pig

2. TDC 1005, 10/9/14 (Don’t) describe #wire106: Taking Artistry to a New Level

“The Wire is a reality tv show similar to Project Runway where artists are the contestants on a show that will ultimately land their work in a prestigious art gallery if they win. Each week is a new challenge using different materials and each week someone goes home. There are guest judges, guest clients, drama, fights, and tears. There are bruises and empty coffee cups as these talented artist fight to create the next biggest masterpiece. Although every week presents new problems and challenges, especially with the medium of art they must work with that week, what remains consistent throughout the show is that the final 3 contestants must make their finally gallery pieces out of wire. Hence the name of the show.”

The Wire

Season 2 Episode 12:Port of Storm

This episode wasn’t too surprising. We all knew that Sobatka was going to end up dead and that Omar was going to go after Brother Muzone. I’m really glad that Nick FINALLY got his path straight and talked to the police and gave them all of the information he knew and pointed out the proper “The Greek” to the police. I also really respected Omar in the episode. When he found out that Muzone didn’t actually mutilate Brandon, he called 911 and left him alive. Omar may be brutal but he does have the right kind of morals in a way. I kind of wanted to see Omar go after Stringer…just because then I think Stringer would have finally met his match. What’s nice about this finale is that pretty much the full case was closed. Yes they didn’t get the higher up greeks but they did solve the 14 murders, which was definitely a relief. I do hope eventually we’ll see the Greeks come back for some reason and then get rounded up.

Season 2 Episode 12 with Commentary

I definitely felt the tension and curiosity in this opening scene that the director and editors wanted to convey while the workers are finding out that Sobatka is dead. The shock also seems very in character for them, so instead of being all dramatic and sobbing, they just cannot even express what just happened. The opening sequence also shows the same attention to detail and lighting and emotion that the opening sequence for episode 12 has. The actors do an amazing job portraying the characters and how they would appropriately react to the situations and how their body language would be. I didn’t realize how important everyone’s eyes were and the way that their eyes can communicate so much. I thought it was hilarious how the police wouldn’t talk to Nick when he wanted to turn himself in, and it took a few minutes for the cops to listen to him. It’s also funny how classy the Greeks seem to be compared to Avon and Stringer. It just shows that the drug world is incredibly dynamic. I did agree with the commentators that the interrogation room scenes are definitely not visually stimulating but there’s this stigma of that in interrogation rooms mean interesting and important details because you always hope the criminals talk. It’s nice that the director didn’t cut the little details that play into the other story lines going on in the background while the main plot lines progress. It’s super cool that the docks were actually live and in use while they were filming.

Season 3 Episode 1: Time After Time

What’s interesting about the beginning of season 3 is that it seems like it really should have been season 2. McNulty is hyped on tracking down Stringer Bell again they found out he has a connection to Prop Joe who had a connection with the port people in season 2. He’s kind of reverted again to being his obsessive self…it’s also clear that everyone else on the team is ready to move on even though they haven’t completely finished the job of taking down the remnants of the Barksdale Organization.Herc and Carter have also regressed back to their overly aggressive selves. It’s sad to see them go backwards in development.  Stringer Bell however is slowly moving on from the way Avon has been playing the game. Stringer wants to focus on the product instead of the territory which is a different strategy. It’s funny how much Stringer treats this illegal organization as if it were a business, and to some extent it could be run like a business, but it will never be legit. I almost want to see Stringer leave the drugs and pursue a real career, but I think he’s too caught up in trying to make this organization thrive.