Movie As Radio Tutorial

How to do the Movie As Radio assignment (you can see my assignment here):

  1. First, you need to decide on what movie you want to do.
  2. Once you have decided on the movie, consider what music and dialogue you would like to include to best represent the movie. When I did mine, I decided to only use music from the soundtrack as the music played a huge role in the movie and I wanted to create a more abstract representation of the movie.
  3. One of the easiest ways to gather the sound files that you’ll need is to find them on YouTube and then use a converter, such as YouTube to mp3 Converter.
  4. After gathering all the audio files, import them into Audacity. Once inside Audacity, you’ll want to organize and trim the audio.
  5. Once you have all your clips organized as you’d like, give it one more listen through to make sure you didn’t miss any parts that need a little work. Then you can export as a mp3.
  6. With your mp3 file, upload to SoundCloud and them embed it into your blog post write-up about the assignment.

One problem you may have (that I have experienced with this assignment) is that your SoundCloud file may be temporarily removed because of Copy Right infringement. You’ll get an email notice about it, which you can refute the claim under Fair Use and hopefully have the situation resolved.