My Future Life

The final assignment I did for Rawls this week was “Tell Us About Your Future Life” (3 stars). I changed this one up a little bit, rather than being in a history book, it is more like a newspaper article from a couple of years in the future. I threw some different ideas around but I liked what I ended up doing the best. Here is my article:

“William Rawls, after retiring from the Baltimore Police Department in 2018, moved to a home in western Maryland with his boyfriend. He and his boyfriend are happy to be away from the city and the hustle and bustle of city life. “City life was just wearing me down,” Rawls says in an interview, “I just wanted to get away from the only life I have known. It is a great change and I am looking forward to our future here.” Rawls and his boyfriend plan to get married in the near future.

Rawls is missing his co-workers from Baltimore PD, especially Jimmy McNulty, his favorite to pick on. However, it is nice to not have to deal with “the bullsh!t” that they put him through. He never did make it to Comm Stat, which was his goal from the beginning, but he now realizes that it was not a feasible goal due to his skin color. Rawls was able to get over that, though, and enjoy his remaining years in the department. He retired and there were many people at his retirement ceremony.

He and his boyfriend now run a horse farm where they provide therapeutic treatment for autistic children.”