Pap Is My Special Person

Another of the video assignments I decided to complete was one that I created. I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by creating a video assignment for ds106 as well as completing it for my weekly assignments. I am naming this one Special Person Montage. Basically, you are to choose someone who is special to you. Whether they are related to you, friends, a celebrity, or anyone they must just be special to you. A few weeks ago my grandfather passed away at age 95 and I wanted to create a memorial video for his memorial service. He had 7 children, 10 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild. So first I contacted each relative and asked for them to send me any pictures they had of my Pap (that’s what we called him). What took the most time was trying to find pictures from his earlier years prior to digital. I had to go through countless boxes of pictures and then scanned the ones I wanted to use. It actually worked pretty well just was really time consuming. I had to crop a few photos but they turned out pretty good. I created a similar video 5 years ago for his 90th birthday party so I had an idea as to what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to make the video super sappy and what not so I chose some background instrumental music that was neutral. I used My Eyes –Blake Shelton, All You Need Is Love – The Beatles, 100 Years – Five For Fighting, Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder, and Good Life – One Republic. Like I said I used instrumental for each of these and I used an online converter to get the music from youtube. My video is about 20 minutes long but no one should make a 20 minute long video for this assignment. I did this because I wanted to created for the family and the memorial service so obviously I put a lot more into it than anyone should for this assignment. Using windows movie maker I imported all the pictures, added some animation, a beginning title slide, and music to top it all off. I don’t expect anyone to watch the whole movie but just skim through a couple areas to see what the general idea of this video assignment is.

I chose my Pap as my special person because he has always been there for me. He has provided me with wisdom and life lessons throughout my entire life. He was a WWII Veteran, raised 7 kids, a faithful man, hardworking, and much more. He has been such a significant part to me life and is beyond special to me.

I decided to rate this 5 stars because the time it takes to gather old photos of someone special to you is hard and time consuming. If the person only has pictures in the digital age then this may be a 3/4 star assignment but I think 4 is fair if you have to find old pictures and scan them in order to use them.