Radio Rants

One full week in preparing for group audio productions has come to an end! It has been the swiftest week since as no one was virtually accessible with it being midterms, 8 week finals, and anticipation of fall break which is officially over. It felt like a swift breeze across a bare naked butt it went so quick. My team has been arranged I would say from first sight. We all ate lunch in the very first few weeks of lunch with Groom. We had many things in common one of them being anxiety with technology but we have fared well thus far. Melinda Albrycht took the lead in informing Paul Bond of our group members (Melinda, Myself, and Desa Stone). We would be informed later on the night of introducing week 7 that we’d have another member, Jon.

Jon would go on to create a Google Doc as of October 9th of which I responded to by posting a screen shot of multiple emails bounced between the three original members and Professor Groom. The most complicated element of this project that I perceive thus far will be that all members will not be able to meet in person.

Moving forward we scheduled and met with Professor Groom at the ITC Center on October 13 where feedback was given as to how we should proceed with our radio broadcast ideas; we secured another time to meet with Groom prior to the submission of our final product. We decided we would tape a broadcast show which reported news segments on issues relevant to Baltimore and central to The Wire.

Melinda took the lead on getting bumpers together of course with suggestions from the team. Me and Desa took the responsibility of attending a tutorial session at the Digital Knowledge Center. The three of us decided to individually begin our 6 minute segments to be made available to me by Thursday night. We all will meet with Professor Groom at the second meeting at a time which we will arrange later this week.

After waiting to do a live chat tonight we had several phone conversations where we contemplated and later decided to skim our sessions down to 5 minutes so that there would be timing left to add our bumper and our advertisements between segments. As we get closer to our deadline timing has become a luxury with hashing out all the unexpected sequence of events that occur from day-to-day. Still we are excited and perhaps even over ambitious of what we’d like to see unfold with our finished product.