Remix a Song with Some Speech Tutorial

How to do Remix a Song with Some Speech (you can see mine here):

  1. Decide on what song you want to use.
    1. Consider what ideas or themes are present in the song and how you could incorporate some speech relating to it? Are there any political undertones? Is there a video where the musician talks about the meaning of or the creation of the song?
    2. Once you have decided on the song, find the speech clips you want to incorporate. I found both the song and the speech clips on YouTube and then used YouTube to mp3 Converter to download the files as mp3s.
  2. Import the mp3 files into Audacity.
    1. Organize, trim, and arrange the tracks and audio segments as you’d like them to be.
    2. Once you have assembled your remixed song, give it one more listen through to make sure that it is exactly as you’d like it to be.
    3. Export as a mp3.
  3. Upload mp3 file to SoundCloud and then imbed into your blog post write-up.