So Amazing-The Baltimore News Radio

Ruth Warrick once said, “I do like to shock and surprise people. When it’s all in good fun, of course.” Well I know for sure that the Baltimore News Radio group last night did that to Maggie, myself, and other people who were listening along to their radio show. At first, like I got back from my discrete math class turned on my laptop then listened to the radio show I thought I was going to hear before then. I missed it so I was like “Alright I’ll listen to The Baltimore News Radio so I’ll get on pretty soon.” Later on, I got back putting my headphones on and I thought I was listening to an actual radio station. I thought I was on some news radio station area but when I thought about it for a second, I was like “IT’S THE BALTIMORE NEWS RADIO!” O.O I was just like

They did a pretty good job on it. From all the episodes we have watched on The Wire so far, they really put the main points like for example the Gant murder. I just loved it how they did the news radio show station taking place in Baltimore and the intro is with the Baltimore news radio. Especially with the transitions of getting everyone into the radio show, they took turns and be like “That’s all for me.. Now back to you/Here’s..” They just did an awesome job. Especially with The Walking Dead reference they put and Poot singing. They did tons of research which I think is a pretty cool. That’s dedication right there to their work. I’ll love that quote “If you give me the time, I’ll give you the crime.” Just masterpiece right there. Really awesome. I would give them 5/5 on this. Really I heard creativeness during their radio show. Awesome in all categories! Awesome group with an awesome radio show! Nice job Baltimore News Radio! They deserve something:

Since I put the title as “So Amazing-The Baltimore News Radio”, sometimes I make the title from a song name but I actually mean it like for this case The Baltimore News Radio show was just amazing. Here is the song for the group:

Here are some of the tweets that I did last night: