Summarizing Bubbles

The assignment was to summarize an episode in 6 gifs, but part of ds106 is making assignments your own. If you just follow the rules of the Game, you’ll be stuck playing the part of a pawn. You got to make the rules your own if you’re going to step up. So I’m going to attempt to summarize Bubbles in 6 gifs instead.

1bubsblowingbubbles 2reflections 3bubsafterfishing 4bubs 5bubsclean 6bubsno

He’s a dope fiend. His life revolves around his addiction. Early on, we see him on the nod, Bubbles blowing bubbles. He’s also been around the block a few times, so he can reflect on his situation a bit. Sometimes it’s really bad. He thinks about it; he needs to change. So he gets clean and sees life from another angle. Life can be good, but life can be rough too, so he falls back into his old ways.

The last episode of the first season emphasizes that never-ending cycle. Bubs is like a personification of it – he gets knocked down, but he gets up again…