Tap Tap Tap….

When I saw the assignment “What Wanders Outside Your Window?” it was right after I watched Episode 13 of season 1. I immediately thought of D’Angelo telling the detectives about how Deirdre Kresson was killed. I thought it was only appropriate to put Wee-Bey in the window like he was when he shot Deirdre Kresson. I would not want to hear the Tap Tap Tap of Wee-Bey’s gun on my window. If I heard that i would probably run. Especially after watching episode 13. Although this assignment was only one star I once again took way longer then what I should have but I like to make sure my work look good. Also, when I do something knew I like to learn a lot of things about it. This time it was how to take two pictures in Photoshop and make them one.

First, I got a picture of Wee-Bey off the internet as well as a picture of a window at night. Then I opened them both into Adobe Photoshop 9. Using the PhotoMerge faces option I was able to put them together. Before I merged them I had to use the magnetic lasso to cut out Wee-Bey’s face. This was a lot harder then I thought. Plus I do not have steady hands so that seemed to be a problem as well. After many redo’s I got a good enough image for my taste. Not perfect but I was getting ticked off at redoing it so many times. Next, I merged the pictures together. It works similar to the layering in Gimp. I used the eraser tool to fix some of the edges. I would click on either layer i wanted to erase and would start erasing areas to make it look better. Mainly I erased areas around Wee-Bey’s body to bring out more of the background. It took me a lot of time to do all this and I tried many things but on the bright side I learned more about Photoshop.


wee bey in window