The Finish Line Is Getting Closer Week 11 & 12

Well having 2 weeks to complete the assignments was nice. Even though I am finishing them at 11:30 pm on the last night I was able to take are of some other things I needed to get done.

I completed a video discussion this week which was my second one so I am looking at knocking out the last one this week. I also created my own assignment which I think we have to do a couple of those before the end of the semester so I better get on those.

Daily Creates:

Week 11

1. Caption This

Caption This

2.Experimental Water Photo

Experimental Water Photo

Week 12

1.Whats Your Flag? (I just noticed it didn’t upload to the daily create page even though it was tagged correctly)

The Country of Me

2. Pick A Pet and Change it

Change a Pet Cat


Video Assignments:

1. The Bleeping Assignments (5 Stars)

2. Special Person Montage (This is the one I created) (4/5 Stars)


3. Swede A Scene (4.5/5 Stars)


5. Video Essay (5 Stars)


Final Project

For my final project I was originally going to do Avon but then I decided to change it to Randy. I have started developing his social media pages but have not completed them so hopefully I can get a post up tomorrow with all the links.



Another Week down only a few more left