The Wire Sweded with G.I. Joes

The Wire Sweded With G.I. Joe’s

So I thought about what would be a unique way to swede an episode of The Wire.  As student we were challenged to  Swede a Scene from the show The Wire.  I chose the Season 3 Episode 11 scene of Stringer Bells death.

This particular assignment was particularly challenging because I experienced some issues with Windows Movie maker and the video clips which I uploaded from my Samsung Galaxy Notebook phone which I used to film the different scenes.


I had to do several things,  however I utilized the program called Grab a Clip after I uploaded the video clips I wanted to use to YouTube.

I experienced some technical difficulties however I over came them (however that involved re deleting and downloaded and uploading until my eyeballs bled.  I had a lot of things going on like I got the exclamation point error of death in windows movie maker:


This occurs when their is some problem with the files.   I also have to keep trying to save my file over and over and over until finally after re uploading it and trying to save it as either an Android file or publish to YouTube directly I finally got it to save, THANK GOD!


For these materials I sued 3 G.I. Joe – esque figurines to which I decorated by cutting out a little trench coat and placing it on my “Joe,” which I dubbed the Omar – Little “Joe.”   Also I took a paper clip and twisted it around to make some glasses for my Bro. Mouzone “Joe,” which I then took one of my daughter’s ties and made a mini bow-tie.  I then cut out a shirt to which I labeled Stringer Bells name…all of this of course with the materials from the DOLLAR TREE cost me approximately $7.83.  Yes, what a budget.

After dressing and assembling them, I took some adhesive (hardwood floor ) large sticker and put it on the bottom of a box, I then created some stairs and used the back of the hardware paste to tape a blue print like decoration into my mini sound stage.  I had to film this in parts or else it would not work.  I decided to coin my video ” Prelude to Stringer Bell’s Death – Sweded with G.I. Joes”

thus giving me the finished product below: