Two Shots at Voice Over a Beat

So my last audio assignment for the week was “Voice Over a Beat” (1.5 stars). I chose to do this one because I thought it would be fun. Though at first, I didn’t know what I was going to say.

How I did it:

But I went on Soundation and created a login so I could choose and save and download a beat. I ended up choosing the second beat that I listened to. It caught my attention. I clicked on Electronica>125>BassBroke C. That is the one I went with. I had to click and drag it into the center space where you can add tracks so that I could save/download it. I went to File>Export as .wav file because I knew I could import that file type into Audacity. I then opened Audacity and imported the file. I didn’t modify the sound any, just what I recorded.

So at first I was like oh I’ll make a bumper for our show using this, but then I remembered that that is a separate assignment that I have already done this week. So I made that one and I made another voice over a beat. I said Groom’s catch phrase “Make Art Dammit.” I went to Effect>Amplify and made it louder. I also went to Effect>Change Pitch and made it lower so it didn’t sound like me saying it. I played around with that a lot because it was funny to hear my voice in different pitches. I went lower because I thought it would sound cooler and would be easier to hear over the beat. I saved the bumper first and exported it then I took out the words and changed them and re-saved and re-exported. Here are both of the tracks that I made on SoundCloud.