Week 15: The End is the Beginning

And so here we are! The last weekly summary I’ll ever have to do. This week was primarily focused on the workings of the final project. For my 8 stars of assignments, I worked on various things in character as Bunny Colvin.

I created a fake newsweek cover involving my character’s creation of Hamsterdam. I also did a fleshed out resume on his linkedin site. And finally, I created a motivational poster for Bunny.

I also did some maintenance on his social media sites. I used flickr to maintain the pictures of all the assignments, and linkedin to manage his resume. Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control, I lost the facebook page I had created for Bunny, so I made up for it with a new twitter page. I also used this page to interact with 4 other peoples accounts in character.

tweet1 tweet2 tweet3 tweet4

Outside of final project work, I made sure to submit my 2 daily create ideas, 3 assignments, but only one tutorial. I also worked with a few other people to do a video discussion of season 4 episode 8 of The Wire. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties towards the end, but I think we had a great discussion before that.

And last but not least, my final daily create, a custom error message. Hard to believe I won’t need to make anymore of these. But in the end, I’m glad I was able to take this class. I got to make some cool, fun things. And I got introduced to The Wire, which is definitely up there with my favorite tv shows now; I’m already almost done with season 5. But I hope all my work has been satisfactory. I know I had lots of fun seeing what everyone else in the class made as well.