Weeks 13 + 14: Ascending Mount Doom

Do you remember the taste of strawberries Mr. Frodo?

And here we are approaching the end even more. I’ve spent these past two weeks working on r-r-remixes and mashups. My personal favorite assignment ever was my mashup of Star Wars with Mystery Science Theatre 3000. I also did a remix of a timelapse assignment, with a scary twist thrown in.

For the final project, I also did some work for my subject, Bunny Colvin. I worked on two assignments in his character, totaling 6 stars. The first was a word cloud of the quotes from the students in his special class. The second was an animated gif of one of his favorite musicians. It was fun trying to incorporate natural ways of posting about these things on his facebook page. And I got to put his flickr account to good use as well. I also updated his linkedin profile to reflect his academic aide position from season 4 of The Wire.

For daily creates, I did two each week. On the first week I did a sketchquote as well as an illustration of my day in phone icons. For this past week, I took a photo of something I was not allowed to touch, and a two-panel summary of a movie.

We are almost done. With only one more full week to go, i am curious to see where this final project takes us.