“You need therapy and shit.”

The Wire Sweded

The scene that I decided to swede from The Wire was from Season 2. I’ve talked about this scene during my group’s radio show and am including it again because I love the dialogue in it so much. The scene involves Ziggy and his infamous Italian leather jacket.

Because of the cold treacherous weather, me and my roommates, who volunteered as actors decided to film our apartment. We included the wonderful leather jacket as a prop. To recreate the scene, I filmed some of the dialogue on focused/up-close shots. I did this so my roommates wouldn’t have to memorize all the lines and could recite them bit by bit. For the background noise I included dock sounds which I found on Free Sound. The footsteps on gravel are also from Free Sound, and give an outdoorsy/authentic feel to the scene.

Filming this was very fun, as some of my roommates tried to imitate Nick and Ziggy’s accents. Watch our recreated scene below!