A Splash of Purple

My third visual assignment I completed was “Splash the Color.” This one was not too challenging once I found the right tool on Photoshop. It probably would have taken me a lot less time if I just Googled it, but I like figuring things out on my own. There is a tool on the Photoshop on my computer called “smart brush tool.” Once you click on that you get a drop down box of different choices. I found the “Reverse – Black and White” option and used that to complete this assignment. I chose the picture of Baltimore City for two main reasons. First, since we are watching The Wire and it takes place in Baltimore and secondly because I am a huge Ravens fan and its football season. I removed the color from all of the picture except for the Ravens Stadium. For those of you that do not know the City when you go to it from the south up 95 (which turns into 395) the Ravens stadium is the first thing you see. Right next to the Ravens stadiums is the Camden Yards (Orioles Staidum). I think it is pretty cool having both of Baltimore’s sports teams stadiums right next to each other and at the front of the city. Anyways, here is my “Splash the Color” of Baltimore City.


M&T Bank Stadium



M&T Bank Stadium



3 stars