Bodie’s in the Money $$

So in thinking about the last formal assignments I wanted to complete for my character Mr. Preseton “Bodie” Broadus.”  Over the last week I had my character apply to college for his associates degree in Business Management.  I got this idea from a Visual Assignment from the DS106 assignment bank entitled Create Your Own Business Card which was worth 3 1/2 stars.

IN thinking about my character’s mind I thought that if Bodie were to get out of the drug business and wanted to do something more lucrative.  He would have taken his earnings and started his own business.  Bodie seemed like the entrepreneurial type and as much time as he spent underneath Stringer Bell’s wing….  Therefore I got the idea to create  a business card for Bodie.  While Bodie was rough around the edges, I believe that he has potential.


construction card