Color splash!

I loved this assignment! It ended up correlating really well with my summary of episode 13. The colors the characters wear are very strategically thought out. In the scene I picked from episode 13 was right after Avon and Stringer were looking for a new place to set up shop. Both Stringer and Avon were in a white color which symbolizes they are ‘innocent’ but Avon sister, also D’Angelo’s mom, is wearing bright red. I noticed that the red matched the stop sign, which I kept thinking that she was going to do something to stop D’Angelo from snitching. She ended up going to talk to D’Angelo and tried to get him back in the game.

Color Splash



This process was fairly straightforward, all I add to do was search how to colorize a black and white photo. When I searched it, I saw that you could do this process through GIMP, which was already installed from earlier. I found a website that was so helpful in doing it. Once I read that, it took me a few minutes to create it. I am pretty impressed with how it turned out (: