“Couldn’t Help But Notice Your Views”

For my second video assignment I decided to do the Today It’s All About Me assignment (3 stars). When I first saw the assignment and its description, I automatically thought that I was going to do this assignment. I immediately began to think about what I could possibly say about myself and then I got down to it.

It only took my one shot to record this assignment. I was thinking about what I saw the first person do in the video on the assignment page and decided that I wanted to be a little different. SO instead of just talking about myself I started to boast and gloat because you usually don’t do that in front of people because it’s rude. I really had a hard time not laughing while I was doing this assignment. I just thought about what my closest friends would think if they heard me doing this and it was so hard not to laugh. I had a lot of fun doing this assignment so take a look and let me know what you think.