DS106, Wire106 wrap up

Hey this is Chris, I got access to a computer real quick just to let you know I’m still surviving up in here. The Maryland State Prison is nothing for me, this place will never break me, I’m a man and too hard to get softened up by prison. I’ve got an old man from the streets to keep me company, you all might know him from Avon’s Organization, Wey-Bey. Every once in  while I get time to talk up the old days. Messed up my boy Michael killed my partner in crime. No hard feelings though, Snoop would never go out without a fight and she went down like a real G, and it goes to show how well I taught Michael, that boy could have been the next ME. My time is up, go watch Season 5 of the Wire so you can see how I got caught and how I took the murder charges for my man Marlo. Real Gangster for life.