Explaining Neuromancer

For the Explaining Neuromancer assignment, my group decided to do a power point presentation that would be a story through gifs. We made a google doc and each made our own gifs in which we tried our best to capture Neuromancer. I made about five or six GIFs that I thought fit into the categories that we decided to focus on. I’ll explain them in order.

The first of our topics was Setting. I felt that the setting was in a foreign underworld type place. That was what cyberspace felt like to me. Here’s my Gif:


The second area that we decided to focus on was main characters. Molly and Case were the first to characters to go, so I didn’t get to use them. I didn’t want to focus on too many  of the bigger names in the novel, so I decided to put emphasis on Linda, who was Case’s girlfriend from the past. Here’s my GIF:

Linda Lee

The third part of the novel that our group felt was significant enough to explore was Major Plot Points. One of the most evident points was the heist and that’s what we focused on the most. Here’s my GIF:

The fourth and final part of the novel that we felt was worthy enough of interpretation was themes. The two themes that I felt were displayed in the novel were Freedom and transformation. Here are my GIfs in that order:



We felt that GIFs were the best way to interpret the novel, because it’s easy to use information that is relevant to the viewers. Or at least relevant enough that they could take away the meanings that go into the different GIFs. We didn’t think that anything else would capture the essence of the novel. I hope you enjoyed my work.