Final Project Proposal


I will be collaborating with Brian Goulet for The Big Project. We will be exhibiting a tour of campus in two fashions through song and video. Our song will be about the campus and the overall experience students get while attending UMW. The video will be a showcase of a variety of students showing off their talents in a number of on campus popular areas. Both of these aspects will display a plethora of attributes constitutive to the diverse makeup of the university. The purpose of this project is to promote the university and the talent that exists here. The audience will be members of the UMW community who will be able to view their fellow eagles and then share it to their friends and associates. It matters because it will create a sense of pride and and unity among the UMW community and advertise the university to potential new students.

Risks and Rewards

The only thing that I think could go wrong with this project is the video might not include enough of the campus’ hot spots due to time constraints. I think its more about the university than it is about Brian or I gaining a reward. The campus will get a little bit more positive exposure and better advertisement of the university.


For this project we will be using microphones, cameras, and apple computers for features such as Final Cut or iMovie. It wil require a good amount of time in order for it to be more than just a song and a video and rather a successful project.


By November 17, we should have an instrumental picked and lyrics almost completed. By the 22nd we should have the song recorded and be mapping out the video. By Monday, the 31st we should have chosen the individuals to be included in the video. By December 1st we should have the video recorded and should start editing the video. By the 6th, we should have the video and the song together and be ready to present.


The criteria that will determine success or failure should be clarity of both the song and video. Whether or not it seems to portray UMW at its core. If the song and video are synchronized and match each other. Each of these factors should decide how successful the project is.

Executive Summary

The Big Project being conducted by Brian Goulet and David Mercer for Applied Digital Studies for the fall semester of 2016 will be a song and video exhibiting the UMW campus and a variety of the talent that is encompassed on the campus. It shall serve as a means to provide pride on the UMW campus and to act as an advertisement to prospects. It will be a task to make sure that both the song and the video are cohesive and act as i have previously mentioned. Through the use of audio and visual tools, we will be able to express the potential of students on the UMW campus. Working diligently and on time will be important to the success of the project as we try to provide UMW with another means of esteem for our university.