“I’m Street So Cross Me Like Pedestrian”

This week for my final project I go through the point of view of the great Jimmy McNulty. I did a couple of design assignments and one visual assignment or rather McNulty did them. Here they are:

This was the Read Poster assignment worth 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed doing this assignment. It was really fun being McNulty while doing this. What I did was find a picture of Officer Sullivan reading a Male adult magazine and then download it. I then used the online Pixlr app to write out the words. I thought it would be funny because of what he was reading and it came it out pretty good I think.

This was the Acrostic Pic collage assignment which was worth 3 stars. This was also fun. Trying to find all of the pictures that correspond to the letters in McNulty. I did what I thought made McNulty McNulty. I don’t know about the M&Ms but it worked so I used it. I really like this one.

This was the Alternative Epigraphs assignment worth 1.5 stars. I liked this one because I got to go back and look at an old episode of The Wire. Originally I was thinking about using something that McNulty said but then as I watched him converse with other characters I thought it would be more beneficial to use something that someone said to McNulty. I liked this one because it was strong and it said something about McNulty.

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