Life of Colbie Joy

This assignment was perfect! Someone special to me is my niece, Colbie Joy. She just entered our lives in August, but has already made such an impact in this world. Since she lives so close to UMW, I get to see her often, which can only mean a million pictures will be taken of her! I created this video montage from the day she was born up until today.


First thing was to find the pictures to put into iMovie.. this took me sometime because I got so distracted looking through them all.

Once I narrowed it down, I placed them into iMovie and rearranged them to how I needed it. Once, that was all done I added a theme to the video. I found this website extremely helpful given I don’t know much about iMovie. I used the theme ‘scrapbook’, which was perfect for this type of video!

I then looked through the already preloaded sound effects and used the theme music ‘modern’. Once that was all set, I uploaded it to Vimeo.