Mash It Up

For the third module, i chose to work with the Adaptations, Remixes, and Mashups module. This was an interesting choice for me because i’m not very good with GIMP and photoshop!

We first began this module by attempting to see how our group wanted to approach this. It started off with a simple idea of just remixing or mashing up stuff ourselves and we would share it. Instead, we sat on that idea for a little bit until we came up with the idea to see the blurry line between copying work or making it own. I felt that this was a great approach because we often here remixes of songs that don’t sound very different from the original artists or we see actual art that is copied and distributed. As technology grows i believe this issue will become easier to detect with internet history.

For this module, i decided to remix an album cover of one of my favorite bands and give it an “emo” twist. I felt that this was interesting because it allowed me to be creative and unique while still being able to use someone else’s work. I believe the issue with remixing is that people think it’s just much easier to copy something that has already been done and adding one or two changes and calling it their own. In the music industry, it is very difficult to sue someone for stealing your music because all they have to do is change a couple key notes and it isn’t considered stealing. For example, the work i did below still has the same concept as the original but only minor things are changed to make it my own.

I chose to make my own version of Radioheads Pablo Honey album cover and gave it an emo twist. I work in GIMP in order to add different images and colors to my piece. The task was a little difficult because i had to make my own changes that weren’t the same as the original.



Pablo Honey Remix