Musicless music video

For my second assignment I did the musicless music video assignment. I don’t watch music videos often, so I told my friend he could choose for me. This is the result of a very dramatic music video by Lindsay Lohan and my cruel humor combined. I tried to make it interesting and had a little too much fun with some animal noises. I tried to make the video lighter for all of its drama and difficult topic. I hope it is sort of funny and enjoyable!

To make this I struggled a bit. I downloaded the video from YouTube easily by using the ‘pwn’ web address to download the video from a site. Then I struggled with finding how to edit it. The mp4 would not go into iMovie, so I uploaded it to Mpeg Streamclip and changed the video to a quicktime video. Then I could upload it to iMovie, turned the sound on 0 and then dropped in some sound effects. I tried to do overall interesting sounds, meshed with some sounds that lined up with things actually happening in the video. It was a struggle at first but now I know how to do this and feel pretty cool. I’m sure this skill will be useful in the weeks to come!