Omar Takes A Walk: Swede

Brittany and I decided to take on the Swede A Scene video assignment together! This was one of the most fun assignments I think we have done this semester. Brittany’s boyfriend Ryan very generously let us borrow his video camera and agreed to be our Omar! He was a really good sport.

We used the scene in season 4 at the beginning of episode 3. Here is the original scene. Fast forward to 1:18 for the start of where we started our version (and also so you don’t have to see Omar naked again).


When recording we did our best to try to get the same angles used in the original scene. We had a couple helpers (mentioned in the ending credits) who helped us out by being extras in our clips. Also since this is a swede, we made the scenes extra cheesy like a low quality film. We used Brittany and I’s house for the different settings.

After recording we met at the Convergence Center to use the video editing software on the Mac’s. Although neither of us had used it before, we got the hang of it pretty quickly. We put the recordings in order and trimmed the scenes to make them flow together nicely.Then we added some sound effects including city night crowd, which gave the effect of busy streets around him, corny jazz music for when he’s in the store, and of course the suspenseful sound when zooming in on the “drugs.”

Here’s what we ended up with! We were both very happy with the outcome and it didn’t take us nearly as long as we expected.